Nuitee API Methods

In this section, we will cover the required methods to perform a hotel booking successfully.

This method is used to make a booking, at a requested hotel, at the price returned in Confirm Property Availability response. We strongly recommend that the client check booking status.

The booking can be immediately confirmed, reserved and paid later, pending, or rejected.

In case of Pending reservation, the client needs to call Get Booking Details to check the new status of the reservation.

Confirmed Booking:

Client can make a confirmed booking only if the ‘AvailableForConfirmedBooking’ property in ‘ConfirmPropertyAvailabilityResponse’ is set to true. Otherwise, a validation error is returned.

In this case, the ‘ConfirmedBooking’ property in ‘ConfirmBookingRequest’ should be set to true.

Reserved Booking:

Client can make a reserved booking only if the ‘AvailableForReservedBooking’ property in ‘ConfirmPropertyAvailabilityResponse’ is set to true. Otherwise, a validation error is returned.

This only allows to reserve a booking (hold) and payment is not made yet by the client to Nuitee. In this case, the ‘ConfirmedBooking’ property in ‘ConfirmBookingRequest’ should be set to false.

For payment and confirmation of this booking, GenerateVoucher method call is mandatory. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled within an expiration date.

Name Type Required Description
SessionID String True
Login Login True
Login.userName String True
Login.password String True
Login.language String True
HotelCode Long True
ConfirmPropertyCode String True
ConfirmedBooking boolean True Represents if booking should be confirmed or reserved.
ClientIdentifier String True
Holder Customer True
Holder.firstName String True
Holder.lastName String True
Holder.titulation String True String True
ReservationInfo ReservationInfo True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos List<CustomerRoomInfo> True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos.roomCode String True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos.firstName String True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos.lastName String True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos.titulation String True
ReservationInfo.customerRoomInfos.customerComment String True
BillingInfo BillingInfo True
BillingInfo.paymentMethodType(*) PaymentMethodType [Enumeration] True Enum: LIMIT, CREDIT_CARD String True
BillingInfo.firstName String True
BillingInfo.lastName String True
BillingInfo.homePhone String False
BillingInfo.workPhone String False
BillingInfo.creditCardType String False Reserved for future use.
BillingInfo.creditCardExpirationMonth String False Reserved for future use.
BillingInfo.creditCardExpirationYear String False Reserved for future use.
BillingInfo.creditCardIdentifier String False Reserved for future use.
BillingInfo.customerComment String False
Timeout String True Timeout in milliseconds (ms).
(*): CREDIT_CARD payment method is reserved for future use, only make use of LIMIT payment method.
Name Type Required Description
ResponseStatus Status True
ResponseStatus.statusCode String True
ResponseStatus.statusMessage String True
SessionID String False
City City True
City.cityCode Long True
City.cityName String True
City.countryName String True
CheckInDate String True Format: yyyy-MM-dd
CheckOutDate String True Format: yyyy-MM-dd
NoOfNight Integer True
NoOfRooms Integer True
Currency String True Currency ISO code.
Holder Customer True
Holder.firstName String True
Holder.lastName String True
Holder.titulation String True String True
HotelInfo HotenlInfo True
HotelInfo.hotelCode Long True
HotelInfo.hotelName String True
HotelInfo.hotelAddress String True
HotelInfo.hotelPictureUrl String True
HotelInfo.hotelDescription String True
HotelInfo.longitude String True
HotelInfo.latitude String True
HotelInfo.starRating Integer True
RoomDetails RoomDetails True
RoomDetails.totalRate Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails List<RoomDetail> True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.firstName String True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.lastName String True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.adultCount Integer True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.childCount Integer True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.includedBoard Board True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.includedBoard.boardId String True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.includedBoard.boardDescription String True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.includedBoard.price Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomDescription String True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate RoomRate True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate RoomRate True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.CancelPoliciesInfos CancelPoliciesInfos True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPolicyInfo CancelPoliciesInfo True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPolicyInfo.amount CancelPoliciesInfo True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPolicyInfo.type CancelPoliciesInfo True
RFN: refundable, NRFN: non-refundable, NS: not stated, PRFN: partially refundable.
String True Enum: RFN, NRFN, NS, PRFN
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.initialPrice Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.price Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.initialPricePerNight Array Of Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.pricePerNight Array Of Double True
RoomDetails.roomDetails.roomRate.promoDescription String True
CancelPoliciesInfos CancelPoliciesInfos True
CancelPoliciesInfos.defaultPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.hotelRemarks List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicies List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos List<CancelPolicyInfo> True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancelTime String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.amount Double True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.type String True
BookingId Long True
ConfirmationNumber String True
BookingStatus String True
Remarks String False