Nuitee API Methods

In this section, we will cover the required methods to fetch a hotel booking details based on the booking id from confirm booking method response.

This method is used to get the booking details, this helps the client update to real time booking status.

Name Type Required Description
Login Login True
Login.userName String True
Login.password String True
Login.language String True
BookingId Long True
Timeout String True Timeout in milliseconds (ms).
Name Type Required Description
ResponseStatus Status True
ResponseStatus.statusCode String True
ResponseStatus.statusMessage String True
BookingId Long True
CheckIn String True Format: yyyy-MM-dd
CheckOut String True Format: yyyy-MM-dd
HolderFirstName String True
HolderLastName String True
HolderTitulation String True
HolderEmail String True
HotelRemarks String True
Price Double True
PaymentType String True
ReservationStatus String True
ConfirmationNumber String True
HotelConfirmationNumber String True
CancellationAmount Double True
HotelInfo HotelInfo True
HotelInfo.hotelCode Long True
HotelInfo.hotelName String True
HotelInfo.hotelAddress String True
HotelInfo.hotelPictureUrl String True
HotelInfo.hotelDescription String True
HotelInfo.longitude String True
HotelInfo.latitude String True
HotelInfo.starRating Integer True
BookedRooms BookedRooms True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms List<BookedRoom> True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.firstName String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.lastName String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.titulation String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.adultCount String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.childCount String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.board String True
BookedRooms.bookedRooms.roomDescription String True
CancelPoliciesInfos CacelPoliciesInfos True
CancelPoliciesInfos.defaultPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.hotelRemarks List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicies List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos List<CancelPolicyInfo> True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancelTime String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.amount Double True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.type String True
RFN: refundable, NRFN: non-refundable, NS: not stated, NRFN: partially refundable.
String True Enum: RFN, NRFN, NS, PRFN