Nuitee API Methods

In this section, we will cover the required methods to perform a hotel booking successfully.

This method is used to fetch cancellation policies of the previously selected hotel. It can be used to fetch cancellation policies for both single room and multiple room booking.

Name Type Required Description
SessionID String True
HotelCode Long True
RateDetailCode String True
Timeout String True Timeout in milliseconds (ms).
Name Type Required Description
ResponseStatus Status True
ResponseStatus.statusCode String True
ResponseStatus.statusMessage String True
CancelPoliciesInfos CancelPoliciesInfos True
CancelPoliciesInfos.defaultPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.hotelRemarks List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicies List<String> False
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos List<CancelPolicyInfo> True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancellationPolicy String True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.cancelTime String True Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.amount (*) Double True
CancelPoliciesInfos.cancelPoliciesInfos.type (*) String True Enum: amount, percentage.
RFN: refundable, NRFN: non-refundable, NS: not stated, PRFN: partially refundable.
String True Enum: RFN, NRFN, NS, PRFN
(*): When type is set to ‘amount’, the amount node contains cancellation amount in requested currency; when type is set to ‘percentage’, the amount node contains the cancellation amount in percentage of the total booking price.