Nuitee API Methods

In this section, we will cover the methods through which the client can get the static data.

This method is used to fetch the details of a specific hotel at a time; Returning the hotel name, star rating, hotel images, hotel description and much more.

Name Type Required Description
Login Login False Required if client is not sending SessionId
Login.userName String True
Login.password String True
Login.language String True
SessionID String False Required if client is not sending Login
HotelId Long True
Timeout String True Timeout in milliseconds (ms).
Name Type Required Description
ResponseStatus Status True
ResponseStatus.statusCode String True
ResponseStatus.statusMessage String True
HotelId Long True
Name String True
Address1 String True
Address2 String True
City String True
StateProvince String False
PostalCode String False
Country String True
Latitude String True
Longitude String True
AirportCode String False
PropertyCategory Integer True
PropertyCurrency String True
StarRating String True
Confidence Integer True
SupplierType String True
Location String True
ChainCodeId String True
HighRate String True
LowRate String True
CheckInTime String True
CheckOutTime String True
CityCode Long True
HotelDescription String True
HotelDiningDescription String True
HotelAttraction String True
HotelLocationDescription String True
HotelFeatures String True
HotelAmenitiesDescription String True
HotelAttributeses List<String> True
HotelImages List<HotelImage> True
HotelImages.url String True
HotelImages.thumbnailUrl String True
HotelImages.caption String True
HotelImages.order Integer True The order in which the images should be displayed.
HotelImages.defaultImage Boolean True Whether is default image of the Hotel or not.