Going Live

In order to go live, our technical team needs to certify the integration.

For this purpose, the certification process requires to be completed when the client is done with the API integration.

Following are the certification process steps.

  • Step 1: Expected Workflows

    Nuitee API Workflows (Booking, Booking Details, and Cancel) are mandatory for verifying the integration done by client.

  • Step 2: Test Cases

    Here we are providing a list of test cases to be executed by clients. Requests and Responses XMLs for these cases will be required for certification process verification.

    • Case1:
    • Case2:
    • Case3:
    • ...:
  • Step 3: Certification Request

    Client makes a certification request by providing Requests and Responses XMLs for every Nuitee API Workflow for the test cases as mentioned above in Step 1 and Step 2.

  • Step 4: Test Cases Verification

    Our team will verify the provided test cases XMLs and suggest if there are any changes required.

  • Step 5: Client Application Testing

    After completion of step 4, our team will ask client to provide access to the client’s integrated website for final tests.

  • Step 6: Live Access

    Once the testing is successfully completed, we provide you with the production database as well as the credentials to do live bookings.