Nuitee API is a web service that provides access for searching and booking hotels.

Nuitee API provides multiple functionalities. Users send SOAP requests in specified format and Nuitee API will give appropriate response according to those requests.

  • Get City Availability.
  • Get Property Availability.
  • Get Cancellation Policy.
  • Confirm Property Availability.
  • Confirm Booking.
  • Get Booking Details.
  • Cancel Booking.

The above web service methods can be grouped into separated workflows.

The client will be given a static data database to perform local searches when needed. The use of this database improves the performance of the web service by effectively reducing its latency.

Link to WSDL:



For some destinations, Nuitee API can return a large set of results. By using compression on the client and the server, the size of large SOAP messages can be reduced by up to 80%.

This means that a 100K SOAP message can be compressed to 20K. A call that may have spent 10 seconds on the network will spend nearer 4 seconds on the network.

In order to enable compression, make sure you apply the following:

  • Request must contain the header “Accept-Encoding” with value “gzip, deflate”.
  • If the server detects the above header, the response will be compressed.
  • The client receives response with the header “Content-Encoding” with value “gzip”.
  • The client needs to decompress the response before processing if gzip compression was requested.